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Friday, January 09, 2004  

Bush's Amnesty - The Coyote Charter

Lots of chatter on Bush's new Immigration plan in The Corner particularly by John Derbyshire.

I'm hoppin' mad myself and fired off two letters to the White House (to Prez and VP). I'm considering not voting for Bush next election. I won't vote for the Dem either, but I'll sit it out on Bush, despite my deep applause for his actions on foriegn policy and terrorism.

Why won't I help him continue that war with my support? What's the point of battling our murderous enemies abroad if he's going to allow my country to be completely subverted within?

My state, California, might as well cede itself to Mexico and the socialists if Bush's plan takes root. We already have illegal aliens voting in elections, and getting all the social services they want which Mexico doesn't provide.

Illegal aliens are not necessary for the "dirty work". In fact, they hold back innovation in those industries they dominate (because they are cheaper than improving methods of production), and they lower the wages of Americans who are willing to start at the bottom (or need to because Welfare is running out).

Why Bush would sell out the country like this, our traditions, culture, and European dominated population boggles the mind. No nation can continue to take these kind of cultural shocks. Rome was invaded by foreigners, too, and it overwhelmed it finally by weakening its traditions, laws, toughness, and self-reliance.

Maybe it is natural for America to fall apart, to lose its coherence as a republic with clear rights and duties defined, but for Bush to speed us onto that path may be more than I can bear from him. My future is not the issue. My daughter's future is.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why he wants to give the Democrats 10-30 million more future voters. I won't go down that road with him. To hell with fighting terror, when he won't secure my country from millions of criminal invaders.

Republicans had begun to have some hope here in California. The people had risen up and were fed up with Dem pandering to socialistic programs and free rides for aliens. Now, Bush has completely destroyed all hope for us.

And to those who are white, asian, and not idiot Dems, the message is clear - find somewhere else to live. California is not yours anymore. Get out.

Thanks for nothing, Mr. Bush.


Go here for a brilliant response to the Coyote Charter from Paul Cella.

Paul concisely lists every drawback with his marvelous and eloquent manner of prose. His are the words that need to be broadcast at large for the sheer sense they proclaim, and the clear and persuasive warning they contain. His is inspired and exquisitely passionate writing.

I hate to sound so fawning, but this is the kind of voice we heard in Burke and Adams.

And, you know, it's so much more fun when something is said beautifully as well as truthfully. The beauty is more than a bonus, its also a persuader, for it carries a grace with it. Imagine if Isaiah had been written in merely functional terms, or Proverbs and Psalms. God is Beauty, and when the beautiful inhabits our works, they viscerally effect us.

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