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Monday, January 19, 2004  

Beauty and the Holy Moment

I went and saw The Girl with a Pearl Earring last night with my nearest and dearest. While I can't comment on the story until I have seen it again, and have more perspective on it, I can tell you that this movie is one of the most beautiful movies you will ever see.

It goes along with The Road to Perdition, and Citizen Kane as visually stunning.

The movie is based on presuming a fiction behind Vermeer's famous painting. The director, in every single scene, manages to portray the very essence of the Dutch school of imagery. Every shot is carefully lit and set as a Dutch master's painting.

The movie is contemplative in pace, there is little dialogue which forces us to look and look at each composed moment of light and dark, glow and depth, color or colorlessness.

Only towards the very end did I begin to tire and desire for the movie to conclude, but that was exactly when the movie drew itself to conclusion.

The sheer and astonishing beauty of this film makes one aware of many "holy moments", as if Beauty were an character hovering over (or infusing) every scene. The sad part is that you might wish that Grace and Truth were also hovering over the lives of the portrayed characters in the story.

Just once I should like to see a movie that exemplifies Grace at work in our lives, and our recognition of it with the same kind of loving care for beauty that this film has.

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