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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

A weak back a week back

Still struggling with lower back spasm which cuts into desire to make commentaries.

I couldn't even go see the Return of the King. Well, it will be around for awhile.

It is amazing, though, how quickly movies come out and go away. One big weekend on opening, then a few weeks sliding down the chart, and then poof! Gone.

I'm sure people will see ROTK multiple times. Quite a gamble, quite a payoff. $300 million or so invested, 2-3 billion in gross.

I understand others are considering trilogies like Pullman's anti-Christian fantasy, and Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. That one would work, but it can't carry the power of Tolkien's since it has no real spiritual core. It has a political theme, but without psychological power in its characters. It's more an extended Space Opera than epic tale.

And Homer's Iliad (Troy) comes out next year, but, gosh, much to fear there. Look what Richard Gere and company did to King David.

They keep mining Philip K. Dick's work, which is good, but they keep missing his cleverness in creating realities in realities in realities. He keeps making appearances deceiving, whereas Hollywood settles on twisting it just once. Dick would shift reality three or four times, and still make it all marvelous.

Dick had a great talent like Elmore Leonard has of creating characters instantly without background or development, but whom you do not doubt in the least regardless how strange things get around them.

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