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Monday, December 15, 2003  

Saddam's Trial will be fair

I haven't been able to blog because of a lower back spasm that has rendered me speechless. (Well, I can say ow, Oh!, ooh ooh, ahh, and $%@!&^*%%%)

I have been reading, though, how so many people around the world are expressing their deep concern that Saddam may not receive a fair trial.

How in the world or heavens does anyone imagine that he's not guilty of heinous crimes? This is a classic - "We'll give him a fair trial and then hang him."

The idea that some sort of impartial tribunal might consider a defense that would exonerate him of all charges is beyond silly.

No. He'll get his day in court and then they'll hang him. Of course it will be fair.

Judge: How do you plead?

Saddam: Innocent.

Judge: We find you guilty.

Case closed.

Post Script:

Have you ever been in Traffic Court? You will often hear these words when a defendant is asked how he pleads - "Guilty, but with an explanation."

Maybe Saddam could try that if he's at The Hague. The Europeans would go for that.

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