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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

No one can escape the Mythos

Tertius says in his blog what I've been stumbling around trying to make coherent:

I have noticed how many footsoldiers for atheism are big fans of fantasy and sci-fi, how many of them are fascinated by computers and programming, of gaming and role-playing, of the kind of dressing up that goes with medieval and civil war recreations. I have often been struck by how many of them use names of characters from various fantasy and sci-fi epics as their online monikers. My point is that many of these guys - and guys they mostly are - immerse themselves in the fantastic and the mythic in a way that runs counter to their professed rationalism and commitment to philosophical naturalism.

Many atheists are big fans of the works of J R R Tolkien. In our common humanity that is something they share with Christians and other theists and agnostics...But it says something about the human spirit and the religious impusle that the committed materialist and atheist can indeed feel at home in Tolkien's world even when rejecting the very basis of Tolkien's worldview. Perhaps, in a corner of his heart, behind a door he fears to open, the atheist really does believe in the myth of the gods after all...

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