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Tuesday, December 23, 2003  

Nano Nano

Glenn Reynolds reports on some interesting advances in nanotechnology.

This, in particular, is promising: The most interesting, to me, was the report of "peptide nanotubes that kill bacteria by punching holes in the bacteria's membrane." You might think of these as a sort of mechanical antibiotic. As the report notes, "By controlling the type of peptides used to build the rings, scientists are able to design nanotubes that selectively perforate bacterial membranes without harming the cells of the host." It goes on to note that "In theory, these nano-bio agents should be far less prone than existing antibiotics to the development of bacterial resistance." What's more, if such resistance appears it is likely to be easier to counter. Given the way in which resistance to conventional antibiotics has exploded, this is awfully good news.

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