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Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

Facts of Life

Healing Iraq has this blog on Saddam's capture and his depression which resulted from it.

I still haven't been able to get rid of this deep sadness that has overcome me the last two days.

If you had lived all your life ruled by a tough dictator elevated to the level of a god and then suddenly without warning watched that dictator displayed to the public on tv as a 'man', you probably would have related with my position.

The images were shocking. I couldn't make myself believe this was the same Saddam that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and plundered my country's wealth for decades.

This was just one old disturbed man yet the whole country couldn't dispose of him. We needed a superpower from the other side of the ocean to come here and 'get him' for us.

And I'm still wondering why? Why did he have to put himself into this? Why did he have to destroy Iraq? What did he gain from all of this?

Many abused, molested, victimized people feel the same when they see their tormentor in court; or when children grow up and see the monster who loomed so large in their minds is just a puny, pathetic dog of a person.

You've prayed for cosmic justice to vent its wrath upon such deformed creatures, but when you see these criminals, helpless and stupified, no amount of humiliation or punishment can satisfy the demand for justice.

In Zeyad's situation, you see that Saddam was but a single man, and nobody could stop him or would. This is confrontation with the seeming insanity of life itself - the fallen world in unvitiated cruelty and horror. How weakness and sin piles upon weakness and sin, and creates crushing adversity and malice. The will to power by so many which always leads to violence and evil.

It is hard to take, and I don't know if Islam offers any way out of that existential dread and despair.

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