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Thursday, December 15, 2005  

Persecuted for Christ's sake, will the church help?

This story from Canada (via Relapsed Catholic) involves a number of issues.

A member of the Knights of Columbus who is in charge of renting the fraternity's hall for weddings and other events alleges he was fired from his day job at Costco for his involvement in denying two lesbians the facility for their same-sex "wedding." The human rights case in which the lesbian couple successfully sued the Knights of Columbus over the denial of the hall made international headlines.

David Hauser told in an exclusive interview that Tracey Smith, one of the lesbians involved in the human rights complaint against the Knights, was also a co-worker of his at Costco. Hauser related that Smith and many of the management at the Port Coquitlam warehouse were openly homosexual. He related that for months before Smith and her same-sex partner approached his wife for the hall rental, these same individuals had been asking him about his involvement with the hall, and knew that he was in charge of bookings.

Hauser, who initially re-financed his mortgage after the job loss, faces the prospect of losing his home if nothing changes in the next few months. "It's pretty degrading and humiliating for Sandra and I . . . and all for that cause."

I am wondering though, apart from the obvious injustices perpetrated against Hauser by vicious people and idiot bureaucrats, where is the Church? Why aren't we reading that his local parish church is doing everything to help support the family financially and in getting him work?

Maybe that is happening, but I doubt it. My own experience with Catholic parishes is that that they do very little to help their own members when they have a crisis that is not spiritual but worldly.

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