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Saturday, December 31, 2005  

California Flood Blogging

I'm in Sacramento in River Park a few blocks from the levee of the American River which flows into the Sacramento a mile or so farther downstream. If the American River breaches the levee, the flood plan says there will be at least 4-6 feet of water in my house.

I went to the river a few days ago to check how it was. It had filled to its banks. I went today to check with some fear that it was much higher given the flooding in so many other areas and the continuing rain.

I was relieved to find it was the same. Up to the banks but nowhere close to the levee 10 -15 feet higher.

On the left corner you can see part of the levee I am standing on. The distance to the river is maybe 100 yards.

The tree and brush you see in the middle of the river are from an island that is generally not flooded during the summer. The river is usually about one fourth to one third the width of what you see here.

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