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Monday, November 07, 2005  

True story, slightly blue

Here’s a funny story. It involves one mildly, bad word but you’ll understand why it’s necessary at the conclusion of the story, and not be too offended given the circumstances.

My wife is teaching first grade this year. One of her fellow teachers is teaching second grade. Now, the school my wife teaches in has many immigrant children including a large number of Asian children whose English is limited with parents who do not speak English at home.

The second grade teacher was giving her class an important skills test and while carefully explaining to the seven year olds how to take the test correctly all of a sudden a boy raises his hand and exclaims loudly, “Teacher, my dick hurts!”

Despite the rather bold description of his private part, only one other boy in the class knew what he meant. All the other children began asking each other what a “dick” was.

The teacher didn’t know what else to do except to send him the office and have the secretary call his mother to take him to the doctor.

The next day the boy comes back to school with a note from his mother which read:

“We took him to the doctor and the doctor said his dick is fine.”

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