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Thursday, October 27, 2005  

Harriet Bows Out

How marvelous for those of us who opposed her nomination. My schadenfreude overflows at the humiliation of people like Hugh Hewitt who played the fool for so many weeks in one of the most intellectually dishonest defenses of her and the President.

It wasn't that others simply disagreed and thought the President generally made good choices and that this one deserved a chance. Hugh led an attack on social conservatives that began with ad hominem broadsides charging others with elitism, sexism, and disloyalty. And then had the gall to claim that those against Miers were savage.

I'm happy that Bush came to his senses, though, and actually heard the hue and cry from the base.

There was really no doubt that the poor woman was unqualified for the job, yet Hewitt blew hard day and night about how few qualifications the job required. Talk about lowering the bar. I used to like Hewitt for his patter and guests, but he simply becomes insufferable on a number of issues and ocassions. This was one of them.

His problem like many others' is that once he has decided an issue, he only uses his skills as a lawyer to attack and win, and never to reconsider whether he could be wrong. He then uses every dirty rhetorical trick to try to win his case, and the truth be damned.

Of course, Hewitt feels bloodied but unbowed as he continues his hysterical attacks against those who opposed Miers. And that's it. Hewitt is hysterical in his sky-is-falling rhetoric and the world will never recover. Talk about your basic spoil sport and poor loser.

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