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Wednesday, September 07, 2005  

Pot and Kettle

It's funny how we're always hearing from the Left about how despicable some Republicans were in previous times for having some connection to selling goods to Germany before the war, or selling scrap metal to Japan, or how the Bushes are cozy with the Saudis and so forth.

Most of the time the accusations are nonsense but they pass into the culture by way of constant repetition of half truths.

Yet, here we have modern corporations run by Lefties or politically liberal nutballs like Google and Yahoo which are the darlings of counter-culture types celebrating that some non-conformist nerds made a bunch of money, well, these fellows along with liberal Microsoft are doing what these days? Colluding with the Chinese government to feather their nests no matter who pays like real dissidents.

Maybe in fifty years the Left will be telling tales about the evil children of Google's founders, but don't hold your breath.

You don't hear to many bad reports about the Kennedys and where all their filthy lucre came from. Become a lefty nutball and all the sins of your forefathers are forgiven.

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