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Wednesday, August 10, 2005  


"Can you keep a secret? A big secret? The drug companies don't want you to be healthy." (Radio advertisement for some product.)

That's right. Big business is in the business of prolonging its ability to make money nefariously by every and all means.

Just like in 1904. There were a few men like Daimler in Germany and others in America who were inventing a horseless carriage powered first by steam and then by gasoline engines.

Well, you know how many wagon and buggy manufactureers there were, and then all the men who raised and sold horses. Horseless carriages meant that they would be put out of business. Big business.

We know what happened next. Those people killed every single man they could find who was working on horseless carriages just so they wouldn't lose those hard earned businesses they'd worked their lives on and invested all their money in.

For that reason today there are countless horses and all their manure in our streets and we either ride or walk if we can stand it. Thank all those big business horse dealers for all the crap, the disease, the flies, and stink we now live with.

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