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Wednesday, July 06, 2005  

Rich and Famous

Some recent poll asked young people what they wanted to be when they were adults and something like 25% said they wanted to be famous. (Don't check my facts here. I don't have any exact figures, just a general recall which sounds about right.)

I thought about that for awhile and it occurred to me that those young people are completely correct in their view of the future.

There are archetypes in our psychological make-up. Certain kinds of templates about the nature of reality. These archetypes get expressed in literature as characters, symbols, or emblems and tell us something about our soul's view about being.

In stories and fairy tales whenever we see a child as a central character, more often than not that child represents the Soul, innocent, vulnerable or corrupted by abuse. Every story is an allegory which can be obvious or well disguised; and every story can be interpreted anagogically, which is what Blake might have considered the four fold dimension of vision.

Anyway, if one thinks about Heaven realistically (as I have) everyone is rich and famous. That is the natural condition of every child of God in eternity. Rich because there is no necessary limit to the resources available, and famous because everyone is known to all others.

It is natural for people to want to be rich and famous since that is their natural destiny. It is, of course, a poor substitute for prudent planning in this life, however.

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