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Wednesday, July 13, 2005  

Conan the Greenarian

Michael Fumento at Townhall explains how it is that the Governor of California became such a complete and total fool, idiot, moron, nincompoop, and stooge for loony lefty nutballs of junk science here.

But the Governator is thinking with his biceps, and clearly taking cues from his über-environmentalist Cabinet Secretary Terry Tamminen who seems to be living the title of Schwarzenegger’s film, True Lies.

We don’t even know for sure that any warming is man-made, rather than the earth’s natural cycle that brought on both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. Were it man-made, even trying to slow it would be devastatingly expensive, as Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg and others have cogently argued.

But Schwarzenegger and Tamminen know better. "Many people have falsely assumed that you have to choose between protecting the environment and protecting the economy," he wrote in the British paper. California will show how to “to solve global warming problems,” confidently declared Tamminen.

Think Tamminen. When Schwarzenegger appointed him California EPA secretary in 2003, environmentalists rejoiced. He “may hold the most powerful environmental job in the U.S. outside of Washington, D.C.,” declared an interviewer. And that was BEFORE Schwarzenegger heaved him upstairs to Cabinet Secretary, where he presides over Cal/EPA and ALL the state agencies.

Tamminen is greener than the Jolly Green Giant. Until the Arnold appointment, he was executive director of Environment Now. He was or remains affiliated with a forest of environmentalist organizations including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Baykeepers, Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay, Malibu Foundation, the Waterkeeper Alliance, Energy Independence Now, and coalition of about 50 green groups called Clean Farms Clean Water.

Lie down with dogs and rise up with fleas. Sigh.

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