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Thursday, February 24, 2005  


From a scientific perspective, one of the most frustrating things about intelligent design is that (unlike Darwinism) it is virtually impossible to test.

Depends on what you mean by test. Intelligent Design (ID) passes with flying colors the Thought Test, a venerable scientific occupation employed by Galileo and Einstien, among others.

ID is based on simple, and irrefutable logic. 1) You cannot get something from nothing; and 2) can you get life from non-life? (The answer appears to be, yes, but no one can identify the mechanism; thus, the supernatural is actually a better explanation than any other.)

Logic demonstrates that the reality of God requires no distortion of logic, nor contradiction flowing from its premise as every seeming refutation of God does.

Without logic, there is no science, no experimentation, no empiricism. Logic is not an abstract quality or thing, but it entirely based on empirical observation.

If you read the rest of the article quoted above you will find it a waste. It's not a serious discussion since it can't separate macro from micro evolution, and places the author in the guise of God determining how to create and run a universe by facetiously finding fault with the one attributed to Deity.

The New York Times, of course.

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