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Monday, February 28, 2005  

Not Just Yet but maybe soon

The champagne. It's just starting to chill. Many more developments await the Middle East, but it looks like the ball is definitely rolling in the right direction.

Even so, things could get bolloxed up, but it is amazing what can happen when the time is right and there's a leader willing to take a chance at leading.

After 9/11, my program was simple: take out Afghanistan and Iraq (I wanted it done at the same time for the most part), and then start picking off the others one by one (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, N. Korea).

Well, it looks like things are going well by Bush's plan. This must just kill the Dems and the Left. It shows what stalwart action, firm resolve, and a determined belief can do.

How will the appeasers get to be in charge of our defense again any time soon?

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