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Wednesday, February 09, 2005  

My Backyard

I'm so out of touch with following my local news that I had to learn this from Drudge:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Nestled in a quiet Sacramento neighborhood is a very loud political statement that is testing the very foundation of the right to free speech.

Hanging from a house in Land Park, a soldier's uniform in a noose dangles from a rooftop. The words "your tax dollars at work" are scrolled across the chest.

How nice. Land Park is a very hoity toity neighborhood close to the downtown area where a lot of lawyers, doctors, and pols live (but not as nice as the Fabulous 40's where Reagan once lived.).

Sacramento is a mix of four groups (white 48%, black 15.5%, hispanic 21%, asian 16.6%). Our numbers for the city is aprox. 400,000.

This was once a fairly conservative Central Valley town in California but being a company town (State Government and its offices) has meant that a great many bureaucrats and lawyers live here who are prone to loony liberalism. This is a blue county, but just barely in the last election.

It is becoming bluer, though, as more people move to the hills and outlying areas for cheaper priced homes. Our home which we bought in 1990 for $160,000 (for 1400 sq. ft.) lost $40,000 in value a few months after we bought it when housing prices took a sudden nose dive, but it has climbed up to close to $450,000 since. (And this is a very small ranch house built in the late 40's with few amenities in style or comfort. One bath and a tiny, hideous kitchen.)

We are close to Davis and the university there which is referred to as Berkeley is as The People's Republic of; and thus there is a deal of spillover from the nutball left from there to here.

The traditional response to outrageous speech offending a community (apart from tar and feathers) was shunning. Ostracizing the offenders, but that doesn't work anymore. Moral idiots and dangerous fools have too many sympathizers and legal support now; so what can anyone do (apart from vandalism or threats of violence) to traitorous souls in their midst?

Counter protest? Yes, but if pickets showed up at the door of these fools, hundreds more nutballs would show up in support of them.

It is a weird world we live in when the enemies of America can mask their insidious betrayals under the banner of dissent.

I suppose the best thing to do is to simply ignore these sad monsters in our midst. It is publicity they glory in and which feeds their smug arrogance when they are challenged. One of the worst things you can do to a fool is to ignore him completely.

Of course, the News lives to exploit controversy and instigates it when it can't find enough naturally occurring, so that tends to defeat the dictum of scornful neglect toward such people.

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