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Saturday, February 12, 2005  

How to Succeed with really trying

From American Digest comes this:

The Law of the Blogger

NOW this is the Law of the Blogger - as old and as true as the sky;
And the blogger that keeps it may prosper, but the blogger that breaks it must die.

As the visits that pump up the hit count, the Law runneth forward and back --
For the strength of the Blogs is the Blogger that never cuts anyone slack.

Blog daily from news-tip and hat-tip; blog long, but blog not too deep;
And remember the Pundit's for linking, and forget not that he has to sleep.

The new blog may free flame the Jordan, but, Cub, when thy archives have grown,
Remember the Big Blogs are hunters -- go forth and get scoops of thine own.

There's more here.

Blogging success depends on energy and initiative. Independant reporting is the future in building an audience.

Hewitt and Malkin didn't just comment on the Eason Jordan scandal but actively engaged in journalism in chasing down leads, evidence, and witnesses.

Those of us who have blogs that just make comments on events don't have much of a future in terms of contributing to the blogosphere except in disseminating the "buzz".

With ad revenue shifting to the internet, more and more people will be able to make a living with a blog. Oh, to be young again! I can think of half a dozen things I would like to do to create original and timely content for my blog, but I lack energy for the work.

I have been wondering lately just what I should be blogging about. The lull that so many have felt since the election's conclusion has depressed a lot of the blogland brethren who are driven more by passion than the ordinary news day.

For example, anyone could imitate Instapundit and do what he does and gradually build hit numbers, but it might be redundant and how many are eager for the chore? After all, Drudge has his imitators, too, but they are not well known.

Talk about energy, Lileks is a cottage industry of original and quirky content. He does it all from the ever changing graphic design of his Bleats to columns, books, ebook matchbook novel, to miscellany in postcards and money, and so on.

Hugh Hewitt has the incredible springboard of his daily radio show. If Michael Savage had half of Hugh's drive and energy (and optimism), a blog of his would be highly successful, too.

For myself, I would like to create commentary that you can't get anywhere else, but that is simply wishful thinking; for when I look around, there is no shortage of people expressing a similar point of view to mine.

There is a lot to said for an amen corner, though, and an echo chamber. The conversations of small blogs is a bit like a church or a local political party where our principles and beliefs find support and bolster each one of us in our trudge through the wilderness. Fellowship is its own virtue and reward.

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