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Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

England Rocks Photoblog

My wife and daughter took a tour of England in the beginning of January this year. They took a small digital camera and here is the result with a little help from me.

We start with London:

1. Oldies but goodies - Big Ben and that big Ferris Wheel in the background.

2. Buckingham Palace in a new light. Built to impress with the massive authority of a British Empire.

3. With the Guard.

4. The Tower Bridge.

5. St. Pancras

6. London City Hall.

7. Weird Building.

8. Westminster Abbey

9. Westminster Cathedral (Catholic) where my wife and daughter went to Mass which had a boy's choir and was said in Latin.

10. Tube Station. Just after taking this picture, my daughter heard an announcement telling people not to take pictures. (It's a measure against terrorism.)

11. Little Ben in a shopping area. Apparently there are many small replicas of Big Ben scattered around London. Very cool.

12. A Famous Theatre.

13. Carnaby Street.

14. A London Street (during the Apocalypse).

15. Beatles' Stuff.

16. Apple Corps - the business place and where they played on the rooftop.

17. Abbey Road.

18. Stonehenge

19. Stonehenge. Did it snow? No.

20. The poet Wordsworth's church in Grasmere.

21. To Scotland and Edinburgh. The Castle.

22. Castle again.

23. And again.

24. Wooly Cow. Keeps them warm.

25. Local Hero. Robert de Bruce. (But wasn't he a kind of villain in Braveheart? He certainly stabbed Wallace in the back in that movie.)

26. Famous Scottish mountains.

27. Now to Northern England. A ruined abbey.

28. A Great Hall.

29. York. A Street.

30. York Minster Gothic Church

31. Again

32. and again

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