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Wednesday, January 26, 2005  

Sacramento Fire Fighters - Fun Loving Folks

Drudge had to go and ruin our local happy fun time with national exposure.

". . . an investigation into charges that the four firefighters - three men and a woman - had engaged in group sex in their Hollywood Park station house.

In recent months, the Fire Department has been rocked by disclosures of firefighter misconduct, including drinking on duty, cruising bars, giving joy rides to women in fire vehicles and attending a Porn Star Costume Ball. In all, 24 firefighters received some level of discipline.

. . . four firefighters - a male captain, two male firefighters and a female firefighter - have been suspended for allegedly participating in three instances of consensual sexual encounters with each other while on duty at Station 12 in Hollywood Park. Three of the firefighters are married."

What a spoilsport Drudge is.

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