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Wednesday, January 26, 2005  

Natural Law

The Terri Schiavo case in Florida (recounted briefly here) puts Christians and Catholics in a somewhat awkward position.

". . .a letter published last March by Pope John Paul II in which the Pope said it is wrong to withhold food and water even from someone believed to be in a persistent vegetative state."

The Church does hold otherwise that extraordinary means of life support can be refused or denied a person.

My own position tends more to the notion that we should let nature take its course when people become incapable of feeding themselves and there is no or little prognosis of hope. We cannot base medical decisions on the hope of miracles although such things do occur from time to time.

If we have erred in that, it is not a great or intentional one. But the fact that Terri's parents would happily attend to her and care for her, I don't see how anyone can argue against that.

I know that for myself (and my wife agrees about her life) that I would not wish to be maintained in a permanently (or even long term)unconscious condition. I don't have any desire to live so long when incapacitated, even if there was hope of recovery some years down the road. Life is not that grand to me, compared to the heaven I expect to enjoy.

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