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Tuesday, January 25, 2005  

Murder of Copts improperly investigated?

From Frontpage
by a writer from Jihadwatch comes this new assessment of the situation in New Jersey:

". . . Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio is dismissive of the idea that the killings were religiously motivated: “Is it possible? Yes. Do we have anything that gives us reason to believe this is what it was, factually? No. Nothing indicates that was the prime motivation for this. That we can clearly say.” The media has widely accepted the idea that it was just a robbery.

Yet law enforcement officials have received information from at least one Copt — a close friend of the Armanious family — indicating that the crime was indeed religiously motivated. This family friend has said that an imam in Jersey City declared this Christian family’s blood “halal,” (i.e., licit to shed), because of their proselytizing activities among Muslims. He has named — by name — a suspect in this crime, whose motive was religious and who has fled the country."

Incredible as it seems, the MSM is not covering this horrific crime and the evil it bodes for all Americans in any depth or meaning.

Thus far what the evidence (or lack of it) adds up to is a scenario like this: A devout Christian family who understood the evils of Islam and had the courage and desire to help Muslims convert to a real Truth, were declared fit for slaughter by Muslims, some of whom gave the appearance of converting so that they could gain the trust of the Copt family, and thus enter their home and slaughter them like animals; and then fled the country in the days which followed since the bodies weren't discovered for some time. The police would have been unlikely to try and stop them anyway.

How often I ponder the frustrating fact that our lives, our protection, our rights are in the hands of complete and utter fools. There is an obtuseness about people in authority that can make you want to pull out your hair.

Of course, people in authority are no better than people out of authority. It's just that they don't affect us as much as the nincompoops with some power.

Some days it takes all I have to remind myself that God's humanity project is a worthwhile endeavor, and will lead to glory.

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