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Wednesday, November 10, 2004  


Well, it took Bush about a week to decide to betray his base. Now, some might say that he never campaigned on Immigration reform, or promised to close the borders and deport illegal aliens - true enough - but his silence on the matter after his earlier proposal was shot down (although that set off a frenzied round of people trying to sneak into the country) was a tacit acknowledgement that his had been a bad idea.

Many were suspicious during the campaign about Bush's silence about illegal immigration, and he weasled out in an interview with Bill O'Reilly when asked about the issue.

Kerry could have done real damage to Bush on the issue except that Kerry couldn't bring himself to Just Say No to criminal invaders either.

I don't regret my vote for Bush since I realized that there were only a few issues which I trusted him with, but I am again disappointed in his inability to understand the importance of Borders, Language, and Culture.

It is clearly an issue that Bush is inflexible about, and has not thought about deeply. He has a knee jerk liberal attitude that if immigration has been good for the country in the past (debatable), then it must still be good for America even if it's illegal, disapproved of by most Americans, and consists of unskilled peasants from one of the the worst countries in the world bringing in a sick culture and disdain for law.

It is also causing suffering among Americans by people who are stealing good jobs and lowering wages so that many poorer Americans can not get work at a decent wage since they are unable to live twenty to an apartment.

Well, I guess the pleasure of having staved off a mountebank like Kerry had to be depressed at some point with the realities of dealing with politics as usual, but I didn't expect the disgust to be broached so soon.

What can you say except that none of those guys (politicians)is worth an iota of respect?

Think of all the people who came out to vote for Bush and this is what they get - the back of his hand to them. Incredible. I can't blame anyone for cynically proclaiming that politicians are all liars and crooks.

I'm glad I gave no money to Bush, but I will have to continue to give money to FAIR, an anti-illegal immigration group. I encourage others to do so.

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