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Monday, November 01, 2004  

I told you so

Genetic screening approved in the UK.

PEOPLE with inherited forms of cancer have won the right to select embryos free from genes that might trigger the disease in future generations, The Times has learnt.

The ruling by the Human Fertilisation (sic) and Embryology Authority deepens the controversy over designer babies. It sets a precedent that will allow doctors to “cherry-pick” embryos for a much wider range of traits than at present. Applications to extend the procedure are expected within months.

It was only a matter of time as many have remarked. Parents faced with a choice of a designer baby with fewer risks to his health are more than likely to ignore the consequences or meaning of the action. After all, they will be told that they are wise and compassionate if they destroy multiple children of theirs in search of the most optimal embryo.

Many Christians (and Jews) find the Johannine type Christians, who insist that this world is given over to the Devil, and see no reason why they should attempt to alter it, have a detestable attitude. Yet, when one regards the unending capacity of people to choose the expedient over the moral, the thoughtless act over the decent one, it is hard to condemn those who are resigned that this world is an evil one.

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