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Wednesday, November 03, 2004  

Credit where it's due

Does anyone actually believe that Kery did as well as he did in popular vote based on his own efforts? Without the MSM, he would have been crushed. 60-40 easily. The only thing that kept him in the game was the media arm of the Democratic Party.

I am relieved beyond belief.

There was nothing Kerry would not say and do. Undermine the morale of our troops? Have at it. Undermine our efforts in war against terrorists? Fair game. Call Bush any kind of name and label to smear his decency and leadership. All's fair. Attack his opponent through his children? Why not? Make wild and hysterical accusations and charges? The press will relay it all as if it were true.

I am relieved that America lives to fight for itself another day.


Do you think Kerry is the kind of guy who will eat his heart out on all the "I shoulda done this, said that, not done this, not said that, not picked Edwards, etc?"

Frankly, I kind of hope so. In the absence of a genuinely contrite and repentant heart, I hope that Aquinas' description holds true - that is, that a disordered mind is its own punishment.

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