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Thursday, October 21, 2004  


More computer troubles (Microsoft delenda est!).

No sooner did I have a computer up and running then I downloaded Tweak UI to do what? Clean up my icons so they didn't have that stupid little arrow on them. A program I've been using for years, but this time the new version caused me to have an administrator page demanding a password that I did not have.

Microsoft effectively shut me out of my computer. The guys who set it up said it would cost a few hundred dollars to recover the password (which had never been entered as far as I know).

So, they came and took their computer back, gave me my old one that was fried, and charged me for the scan of my hard drive. Nice of them but cost me $125.

So I went to Comp USA, bought a new computer where I got twice the machine for the same cost, got my hard drive installed, got a limited warranty, and now after many more hassles, am back online.

I looked at Macs at the store with longing. Does anyone know if one of the new eMacs is worth it or should one yearn for the supercool G5 where the computer is all in the monitor case?

My daughter is going to need computer, and I said an eMac would be best. I think that's right.

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