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Thursday, October 28, 2004  

An Imaginary Ghost

I just started writing a novel but not like Roy Jacabson is going to do in 30 days in a kind of annual contest.

I expect my work to take more than a few months so I will not be blogging as much, but my production has slowed a bit anyway of late. (The election is simply sucking me dry of blogging energy for anything else. It is so crucial that I can hardly take anything else seriously. But so much is being written that I can't add much that's fresh or insightful.)

I found when my computer was down that I needed to do something so I just started to write. Later on I looked at a play that I started a year or so ago but gave up on since I didn't think it was interesting enough. When I recently reread what I had written, I was astonished at the quality of the dialogue and plot set up. Now, I'm sorry I didn't stick with it since I have forgotten the plot details I had outlined in my mind.

I won't make that mistake again. Even if I think this novel is dull and stupid, I will persevere and finish it anyway. Then when I reread it a year later, I might find it worth publishing (if I can).

My working title is An Imaginary Ghost. A man wandering through life wondering why truth is of such little consequence to so many people. That's it. That's my plot. Not quite The Da Vinci Code, but then I'm not aiming at that audience.

The title is intended to be a pun on imaginary, the power to look forward which other creatures do not possess.

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