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Friday, September 10, 2004  

There is a season

Dan Rather is now in his seventies, I believe, along with Tom Brokaw, while Peter Jennings may be a bit younger. My father is 79.

What all these men have in common is that they are fools. I have heard a term that is attributed to the Catholic Church which describes people who are impervious to reason, logic, experience, wisdom, and knowledge regarding their beliefs as having an "invincible ignorance."

What a perfect and beautiful term to illustrate the kind of people we all occasionally run into who are impervious to truth.

Think of pitiful Dan Rather, an old man experienced in his profession who falls like a teenage boy for a seductive tramp, or The Blue Angel all over again, because Dan loves the idea of taking Bush down!

I often want to say to these people, "How could you live so long and know so little about Life?!"

It's because they know so little about God that they know so little about life and themselves. I always think of King Lear described by one daughter as a man who "knew himself but little."

My father is a classic kind of King Lear (but that's another story I may yet relate).

But these other men mentioned above (and others you may know of) form a class of men who go to there deaths knowing very little of life. Think of Walter Cronkite or Andy Rooney who are very old, mental basket cases when it comes to the recognition of how things actually are.

I once heard someone explain that God's work on us in this life is to help us see how things really are. Not how we wish them to be; not how we envision a future to be; not how we pray for them to be -- but how life really is.

I cannot vouch that I see things perfectly in this life, but I am fairly certain that I see reality better than all those septuagenarians who are on the network news trying to undermine the defense of this country and its people.

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