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Sunday, July 11, 2004  

They say democracy is messy, but ...

I shouldn't be astonished that report after so-called report comes out that Saddam was no threat, the CIA bungled, Bush jumped the gun, there was no threat, the war in Iraq was for nothing.

Victor Davis Hanson's fine book, The Soul of Battle, illustrates the problems of democracies with successful leaders. Epaminondas of Thebes crushed the Spartans as a power at last in 4th century B.C. Greece only to return to his city and be scurrilously attacked.

The vitriol poured on Bush comes closest to that poured on Lincoln in 1864.

It is simply incredible, though, that the necessary defeat of Saddam, and a continuing war on the terrorists and their patron states should suffer such ridicule and calumny.

The fact is that we need to kill people to remain free and safe. We need to kill a lot of people, and that's going to cost us thousands of our own if we are serious.

I don't know what kind of world all these senators and congressmen think they live in. Nor do we hear much defense from Republicans in Congress.

I hate to use foul language, but the old, salty adage of -- non carborundum illigitimatatus -- seems to be weakening. The bastards are grinding down the cause of the righteous.

Arnold Toynbee said that civilizations don't fall. They commit suicide.

We are in a strange race with Time. Can we hold on long enough to for all the stupid 60's idiots and lefties to die with our democracy intact and relatively healthy, or will the lunatic left and liberalism destroy all our institutions and will to survive -- precipitating some kind of violent civil strife or war?

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