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Friday, July 16, 2004  

The Birds
I live about five or six blocks away from the American River (I'm just that kind of patriot). A few years ago, a group of birds invaded the elm trees at our local elementary and grammar school. They are called black crowned night herons. (And here and here.)
These birds leave an enormous mess of guano (Herons are of the Ibis family which are know for crapping in their nests), the leftovers of meals, and many dead chicks and fledgelings on the sidewalk or ground below them.
They are called night herons because they are up all night squawking loudly. Some of their disputes would put Jackie Gleason to shame for volume ( often at 2 or 3 in the morning).
But I have read they are endangered in various places. Why? Not because of man, but because white herons which are larger and more aggressive, I suppose, often invade their territory, and drive the black crowned herons away. Which appears to be happening in my neighborhood. What started this spring as all black crowned has been replaced by herons as you see in the picture below.
They are very beautiful to watch fly, alight, and sit their watch against the sky and green trees, but they are equally noisy and messy. 
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