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Sunday, March 21, 2004  

The puritans always got a bad rap

They were never as bad as this:

Ten years after California set a national precedent by banning smoking in restaurants and bars - and months after prohibiting it within feet of government buildings and playgrounds - many of the state's coastal cities are now banning smoking at the beach.

The myth of second hand smoke endangering lives is incredible how it encourages a zealotry that is somewhat sociopathic. The Puritans tried to discipline immorality whose effects on families and communities had been well known and understood for thousands of years. They gave up the zealous attempt to determine good behavior gracefully. They respected wisdom, and realized that total control of others was also an evil. They compromised and settled more for a mean than an extreme.

Not so for our puritanical zealots today. Facts simply don't matter to them. They will have their way.

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