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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  


Every time I promise myself I won't watch, but then I wish to see what hidden gems deserve support and acclaim, and so I get hooked and follow American Idol.

The crew of twelve this time is simply incredible. How and who to chose over all the others? Frankly, I've been right every time. I picked Kelly the first time, and then Clay Aiken right from his first audition. I couldn't believe it when he wasn't selected by the judges and the audience the first round. Then he only made it as a wild card by the people's choice.

Clay would have won the contest if the phones lines hadn't been choked shut. His current popularity over Ruben demonstrates his greater appeal. And I picked him out from the git go.

This time I am picking this Jon Peter fellow who also had to be resurrected from defeat by America. Fantasia is amazing, and so many others tonight were magnificent, but this Jon Peter fellow has an amazing appeal and freshness besides an unusual voice which makes everything he sings sound like his. I even like his goofy dancing. He is totally himself onstage and immensely likeable.

Yet, almost all of them last night were exceptional for young people. I love the 16 year old redhead who has that crooner, rat pack style, too. Very cool. His understated vocals make a sweet antidote to so much oversinging and whooping.

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