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Wednesday, February 25, 2004  

Ghost of Christmas Future

Yesterday I mentioned that: if there are two things a society must rightly fear, it is widespread depravity in its ordinary, daily culture, and destruction of economic incentive plus innovation due to taxes, socialism, an unequiped or adequately trained and manned military.

Now I can show you the real future when such things happen to a Western democracy here.

In Canada we have:

The navy predicts it will not be able to live up to treaty obligations to NATO and other alliances and cannot carry out enough patrols of Canadian waters to comply with agreements with other government departments such as Immigration Canada or Fisheries and Oceans.

"This is a look forward ... at what they need in order to keep the army going," he said. "Nobody has ever seen a bankrupt military in a developed country.... This year I predict we will see that in Canada."

Take a good look at what happens when you let socialists run your country. In a short time, you will have no country. Any relatively small but effective army could march into Canada and take it if they wanted. If Canada thinks that the US will do their job for them, well, what happens when the Left has done the same to us?

I suppose the idea of invasion and conquest seems farfetched these days (although the USSR disintegrated less than two decades ago. Yet, Canada is rich in resources that China or Japan might envy (and we ourselves). Australia might look tempting to Malaysia or Indonesia which both greatly outnumber it in population, and the same with New Zealand (which just ended its partnership in ANZAC due to costs and a smug sense of untouchability).

Western democracies are trading their militaries for votes. Money that should be spent on defense goes to buying votes with new or expanded welfare state benefits (which benefit no one but bureaucrats).

Peripheral democracies like Canada, Australia, New Zealand are simply saying to America - "Okay, you defend us. We won't pay a dime, and we will fight you on every initiative you take to defend yourself, your economy, your free market principles, but you have to defend us anyway."

That we received any help from Australia recently after 9/11 was a miracle given that a relatively conservative Prime Minister was in office.


Best of the Web agrees:

What Better Time to Invade?

"Canada's army, navy and air force are facing a funding shortfall of up to half a billion dollars, defence sources told the National Post, and the military is recommending drastic measures to make up the difference, including closing some of the largest bases in the country."--National Post, Feb. 24

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