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Wednesday, February 18, 2004  

Depravity is what pleases

and destroys human dignity.

I was listening to a Sacramento radio talk show the other night. The host, Mark Williams, is generally as conservative as you can get, yet over the San Francisco homosexual marriage issue, he kept telling callers that it was none of his business what people did with each other privately; that he thought the whole thing silly; and became quite vehement and overriding when callers wanted to talk about traditional morality, the will of the people, and harm to society that approval of homosexuality causes.

It occurred to me that what I was listening to wasn't a defense of libertarianism so much as a conservative sodomist not wanting to condemn homosexuals for practices that he endorses for his own pleasure. It is the same for untold numbers of people who "fear" censorship because they're afraid their pornography will be taken away from them.

An enormous number of heterosexual people have come to enjoy what once were the "tricks of whores" in their sexual activity.

So people like Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), Mark Williams, and many others won't come out and say they like pornography and the perversions it illustrates; instead, they cast themselves as equanamous live-and-let-live moderates; moral superiors who refuse "to cast the first stone"; or that life is somehow too short to try and control the lives of others, and that such busybodies need to get a life.

They are not prudes and puritans. Oh, no. Heaven forbid they should deny others (homosexuals) the same pleasures they practice or think they ought to be free to practice without interference (Blue Laws) or disapproval.

Some critics have said that sexual desire is the first cause of original sin in humanity. This is false since children share the flaw, but there seems to be no question that nowadays, sexual desire, fantasy, and perversion is driving the culture.

Men have found the fountain of youth in Viagra and its newer versions. Apparently young men eagerly partake of these drugs despite having no disfunction. It allays their performance anxiety.

We are losing the Culture War precisely because the sexual genii runs rampant among people who would otherwise despise depravity. That destruction of moral perspective (their own guilt and complicity) murders their confidence in other areas, too. By embracing the indignities of sexual perversion, people lose their power of disapproval to mold and maintain social stabilities.

Dennis Prager adds in his column:

Playing with the sex drive, the most powerful force in nature, is far more dangerous than playing with fire. Even if one welcomes this development -- and for the record, as a male I am turned on, while as a man I am turned off -- it begs for explanation.

. . . So, femininity is largely a dead concept. Ask most young women -- or men -- what it means, and you will get either a blank stare or a hostile reaction.

Thus, many women are now saying: "I am a woman. And I will declare it in one of the only ways left to me -- I will show you my female body."

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