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Thursday, January 15, 2004  


If you don't read Jay Nordlinger. . . I was going to say you should, but then again, it's no big deal. Anyway he had this link from Madison, Wisconsin which is quite startling.

Here's the link to Jay, and the one to the photo of a billboard for the (Das) Capital Times.

Readers may recall that, back in October, we had a discussion in this column about the Capital Times, of Madison, Wis. — specifically its website, whose logo features a star. How appropriate, some readers said, that a leftist paper in a leftist city should have a Communist star in its very name!

The prosaic truth is that the star stands for the capital — for a capital city — as in the way we indicate such cities on a map.

From a reader of his:

"But about a month before we moved, we were driving to Sunday-morning services and I saw a billboard. I had to look twice because I could not believe my eyes. It was for the Times, and it looked like a recruitment sign for Pravda, for cryin' out loud. When we went back the following Sunday, the billboard had been replaced. Had I been hallucinating?

"During the move, we were out and about in Madison, and I saw it again. This time I had my camera with me. Let me ask you: What are we to think now?"

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