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Wednesday, January 14, 2004  

Americans are so lazy

My daughter is currently employed at minimum wage in a restaurant where she is a receptionist, seater/greeter. She is hoping to advance to that of a waitress where she can earn tips and make better money. (So she can pay for college and her future.)

According to Pres. Bush, she is not willing to work at her job because it is either too low paying or beneath her dignity.

But she did get a promotion. There suddenly came an opening among the wait staff, and she's going to move up.

She tells me, though, that she's sick of the Mexicans in the kitchen. They're a nasty, insular, insulting group of men. I told her that that's because they have no interest in becoming Americans or speaking English.

Very few people hate earnest immigrants, but Americans can easily spot users, takers, and cheap thieves. The illegals in the kitchen leak resentment, rudeness, and nasty attitude because they can get away with it. They aren't a minority there, and they encourage each other to be cruel and sick.

These are not people we want in America -- people who hate Americans, and the culture that creates them.

Do we really think that the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, Germans, Swedes, etc., came over here with that attitude?

Jacob Riis did a series of photos from 1890 to the 1900's illustrating slum tenements in New York - the exploitation of the poor and their over crowding which increased disease. It led to reforms of tenement life.

The problem was that the people living in the crowded tenements did so on purpose like they do in California where you can have twenty people to a small house. Why? Not because they're poor, but because it saves money. Money they can send back to relatives and family, so they live like dogs to create their own wealth.

So, New York outlawed the slums, and well, people managed to get by. This is not a tale about how good it is to let people like like pigs, but that given the choice, men will choose to live like pigs. It's not exploitation when men are relying on their own ability to withstand disgust and degradation.

It's like the Gold Rush. Nobody made anyone come to California and live like dogs. They did it themselves as a trade-off in the hope of wealth. So, too, do people choose to come into America and look like they are oppressed (somehow) and used in order to get what they want.

What's shameful is that Bush and his fellows somehow think robbing my daughter of her job will do her good.

Let's face it. Nobody is starving in Mexico. If they are, it's not our fault, because we'd feed them in a minute (bleeding hearts we are). Mexicans and others are coming to steal wealth any way they can.

Oh, how we have become so soft in mind and heart. Our leaders, more than anyone, seem the most susceptible to BS. Any sob story, any appeal to their "compassion" will bring them to tears.

Has any word been more debased lately than compassion?

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