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Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

The End of the World as We Know It

Fascinating article entitled: When Homosexuals Take Over A Church

The author documents the incremental steps in which his Episcopal church was taken over by homosexuals. It reads like a classic text on communist infiltration, or how anyone with an agenda can worm their way into a group, and gradually subvert it entirely. Chilling stuff as he recounts how a female deacon had a ministry to prisoners, then added HIV and AIDS 'victims' to it, to fostering a support group for such, who then began attending, taking over the choir, and driving the straight men out, leading to a cross dressing fashion show in the parish hall, then a homosexual Valentine's Day dance leading to:

"The next morning, Sunday, I arrived early to find the church sexton and Junior Warden hard at work cleaning up. I helped them finish the job - of removing beer cans and other evidence of the previous night's homosexual extravaganza from the premises. It was clear to me that the celebrants had not been celibate throughout the evening. The place was a mess."

And it got worse. All step by step. Incredible.

"The year after our departure the deacon proposed the church open a gay and lesbian support group for middle school children."

"The time period I have described covers about six years. Six years in the life of a church, and many tragedies in the lives of young homosexual men who died of AIDS, when they came the church in search of God and, found, instead, encouragement for the lifestyle that would lead to their death."

"The new All Souls rector, Todd Donatelli, last year issued the first Excommunication in the history of the Episcopal Church in the United States. This "honor" was afforded to one Lewis W. Green for the offense of disagreeing with the church's homosexual agenda. Mr. Green, to his eternal credit, absolutely refused to get along and go along with the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as equal to heterosexuality, and actually preferable in some cases. An appeal to our Bishop, Robert Johnson of the Diocese of Western North Carolina, fell upon deaf ears. The Bishop also supports Donatelli in his decision to bless homosexual unions."

Link via Harangutan Action Hour.

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